Rebuild Pakistan

An initiative started by Arooj Aftab during the Pakistan Flood Crisis in 2010; to promote a vision of peace and healing for Pakistan – inspiring a global community to rebuild perspective on Pakistan, and urging the people of Pakistan to actively engage in rebuilding their homeland.

In collaboration with the Human Development Foundation (, Arooj & friends offer a dynamic voice within a larger movement to transcend borders that imprison our bodies, minds and spirits, and to approach one another as vitally interconnected within a collective whole.

A Community Collaboration

From June 25th to July 10th, Arooj, Bhrigu, Mario & Jorn transformed a Brooklyn brownstone into a recording studio and a gathering space for musicians, videographers, designers, painters, photographers, dancers, and performance artists to play ~ dance ~ sing ~ eat ~ share ~ improvise & create in solidarity and alignment, politically, spiritually.

Stay Tuned

A series of webisodes higlighting the happenings in the Brooklyn Brownstone including live performances are being released on the Rebuild Pakistan YouTube Channel HERE.

The Album

A fresh repertoire of compositions honoring ancestral roots, paying tribute to Pakistani and Pre-Partition legends of South Asian music,and to poetry inspired by all Sufiana walks. A holistic collaboration aspiring toward a collective healing and mystic celebration.Arooj is now in the process of mixing the album, sifting through hours of precious material to weave together the ultimate offering to nourish, inspire & uplift the soul.The album will be released in early 2012.

Guest Musicians

Sonny Singh trumpet
Magda Giannikou Accordion
Stelios Michas Guitar
Grey MacMurry & Knights on Earth
Gurvinder Singh Tabla

Visual Art

Alixa & Naima Climbing Poetree artist duo
Shalalae Jamil contemporary artist
Nadia Janjua artist & architectural designer
Yikun Liang illustrator
Oasa Duverney illustrator & artist
Ahmad Yilmaz Raeden Media


Ali Khurshid photographer
Natanya Khashan photographer
Abeer Hoque writer, photographer & editor
Arif Ullah community organizer,photographer
Anum Awan artist & designer
Sabelo Narasimhan photographer


Daniel Hilsinger
Cary McClelland
Frances Bodomo
Qasim Riaz Raeden Media


Rajiv Purohit kathak dancer & choreographer
Priya Pandya semi-classical, folk & bollywood
Penelope Armstead-Williams modern dance

Film & Comics

Ramchand Pakistani Mehreen Jabbar
Without Shepherds Cary McClelland
Ramayana Gotham Chopra

Sound Engineers

Alex Syner
Arooj Aftab
Joshua Valleau

Other Organizers

Tejpreet Saini
Zoravar Dhaliwal
Kismet Hernandez
C. Sala Hewitt
Tadashi Dozono
Naima Penniman

& Guest Chefs

Adaku Utah
Nefertiti Dakini
Sanam Waheed
Radhika Singh