The News International: “Mera Pyar” – Arooj Aftab & Mizraable

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The News International:

2. “Mera Pyar”- Arooj Aftab & Mizraable

Composed first by guitar prodigy Aamir Zaki in 1995, this track has been covered many times. Arooj Aftab’s version of ‘Mera Pyar’ is a must listen, primarily because of her voice. Arooj hasn’t tried to replicate the exact same guitar riffs. On the contrary, she put her own musical knowledge to test here and as a result has created a number that remains superlative. She sings convincingly and even though she is unable to bring Zaki’s morbid style, she brings a level of subtle aggression that sets this track apart from the original. Interestingly, Arooj reminds one of Candy Perira of The Milestones fame. That said, she is certainly not a copy cat act.
Currently studying music at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Arooj Aftab, when she returns, will be a great new addition the local music scene.

A great cover of the original, this is a must hear for all. Other covers include ‘Mera Pyar’ by Aamir Zaki and Hadiqa Kiyani.

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